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Marauders Simulated

We Solemnly Swear we are up to no good ...

7/24/05 11:17 pm - b_c_hawk - Leaving

MEH. Post retracted till tomorrow night.

Just a note to say that I am leaving Severus and Lucius to whoever wants them. IF possible, I'd like someone who isnt very active and would like to be more active to take them.

I have no time for this community anymore, and I cant keep up with the posts. Moderator status is also up for grabs.

Thankyou to Nina for writing so much of Snape for me, and writing the perfect partner for him :D Hopefully we can write together again?

~ Cat

Comment if you want mod status or one of the characters.

7/23/05 01:29 pm - woelfin_akhuna

Narcissa/Lucius Part twoCollapse )
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7/23/05 01:18 pm - woelfin_akhuna - Spring Ball NARCISSA LUCIUS

Spring Ball, Narcissa, Lucius, Dorian and Regulus (and Nancy)

a/N: HEy girls, now that we're all united again, I can present you with the next part of the Spring Ball, this time its mainly about Narcissa, but Lucius gets an appearance, and Dorian as well as Regulus play important parts. Please note that I only wrote the first 1000 words of it and then ran out of ideas, and when I complained about my lack of creativity on MSN, Julia offered her help and got sorta carried away *g* its 12000 words now. Thank you so so much, Julia - without your aid this post would only be 1,500 words long and about Narcissa, Bellatrix, Lucius and Severus... Bella's and Sev's pov follows over the next days.

Part oneCollapse )

7/11/05 11:07 pm - b_c_draygon - Remus Lupin: Conclusion to the Spring Ball

A/N: Apparently the post was too large all in one, so I carved up the last bit into this. So ... this is the last bit. Enjoy?
Warning: Semi-smuttage at the end. Only I coulnd't get the rating up to NC-17, it's definately a 12+ moment. (kynny - I want to know if you're going to skip the smut or not. Please tell me? ^^)



This takes place a few hours later ...Collapse )

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7/11/05 11:03 pm - b_c_draygon - Remus Lupin: The Spring Ball

A/N: The post was so large, I had to carve it up. *sob* But it works better this way, so ... yeah. kynny  wrote Sirius' little romantic Musketeer-y speech, so thanks to her. ^^ You get extra brownie points m'dear!


They continued their way down and James gaped after them for a few seconds, before he turned to his friends, gesturing wildly behind the pair.

“He’s right, you know! I just died!!!  Why the hell didn’t I think of that?!”


“Whadda mean?” Peter asked still all dazed.


“The GOD-thing! Damnit!”


“James, calm down. It’s just a stupid costume for the Spring Ball, it’s not important. Anyway, he looks like a prat who didn’t read the invitations until you see the badge, so it’s all right. Besides, you’re a Musketeer – you look dashing. You have a sword. Go challenge him to a duel or something if it bothers you that much …”


James glowered at Sirius ...Collapse )

5/27/05 09:55 pm - b_c_hawk - Bella and Severus Art


Well, after spending AGES on a sirius pic for Nina that I hate and will never show anyone, I had to do something worth while. So here is a photomanip of Bellatrix and Severus. Now Bella may not be how you imagine her, and I'm going to do more with "other Bellas" ;)

So, without further delay, I present to you:

Bella and SeverusCollapse )

EDT: Another Pic up. HereCollapse )

I really need to get a life...

5/25/05 06:15 pm - b_c_hawk - Medusa and Branwen - OT. Pets Intro

OT - Pets

"Do you want to be my Girlfriend?" He asked, interrupting her.

She looked like hit by a bludger, mouth slightly open in surprise, her eyes wide and her hands frozen in mid-motion of gesturing around. "You… what?" She choked out after a few seconds of tense silence. Severus just looked her in the eyes and nodded.

"But what about Rodol…" her sentence was interrupted by Severus' lips, pressing softly to hers to silence her.

"Don't care about him." Was his only reply, before she melt into his arms and they dropped back to the bed, hugging and kissing and touching each other, once again moaning and sighing.

Severus pulled away, and rolled over onto his back, breathing heavily. They were silent for a while, before Severus spoke. Read more...Collapse )
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5/20/05 11:41 pm - b_c_draygon - Regulus Black - Introducing Spider

(Just so you know where we are ...)


Regulus frowned sympathetically, then impulsively wrapped both arms around Dorian and snuggled up to him. Dorian stiffened momentarily, obviously not used to snuggling, then smiled and slid his arms around Regulus. Regulus sighed against his skin. Dorian closed his eyes, listening to Regulus’ breathing, and a moment later was asleep again. Regulus laid his head gently against Dorian’s chest and listened to the slow, regular pounding of his heart. He sighed and shut his eyes. Even if he didn’t fall asleep, he was content just to lie here, next to Dorian, and simply let all his barriers break down to nothing and be himself.


“I can’t believe you’re still here …”


Regulus jumped when Dorian spoke. He hadn’t noticed that Dorian had woken up. He looked up into Dorian’s sleepy eyes and gave a small smile. “I didn’t realize you were awake.”


“Only barely,” Dorian yawned, “But I’m starving. I’m really surprised that you’ve managed to just lie there quietly while I was asleep … you could have left at any time …”


Regulus smiled again ...Collapse )

5/17/05 03:40 am - woelfin_akhuna - Bella & Severus - Afternoon/Evening - 3rd person

Bellatrix snatched her wand out of James’ hand with a triumphal spark in her eyes and then left with Severus towards the castle again.

Severus tried to suffocate the blood flow from his nose by stuffing the hem of his shirt into his nostril, which didn’t help – quite the contrary, it seemed to make it even worse and soon his black cloak was soaked with blood. Bella didn’t seem to mind, she had snatched his free hand and dragged him towards the castle so fast that he almost had trouble keeping up with her. Bella sported a huge evil grin and her eyes sparkled with triumph.Collapse )
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5/16/05 08:24 pm - mwpp_draygon - Regulus Black - Musings



“Why don’t you want any attention be drawn to me?”

Dorian didn’t move or react at all for a long time. But finally his slurred, sleepy voice mumbled. “Because it would put you in danger, Regulus. Not me, but you. And because of me…”

Regulus frowned. Dorian didn’t want him in danger? That made no sense! After all, he was only Regulus Black, brother of the Blood-Traitor. No one cared about him – he was worthless. The only thing keeping him from being ripped apart by the other Slytherins was his name and the respect it commanded.

...Collapse )
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