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Regulus Black: Answering Questions

Summary: Regulus answers a few questions, and makes an admission.
Warning: NC-17 smuttage under the cut. It's not good, but there you go.

“You don’t like questions. And heck, I tried my best not to ask any… Well at least not if I wanted an answer. But here you go as I have several: Why don’t you like questions? Why do you hate being called Reg? Why haven’t you even considered of calling me Dor? What made you come in here last night? What do you really think of me? Why do you, apparently, want to have me around? Can you at all accept something without looking for a second intention? What is it you feel for me, Regulus?”

Regulus sat down slowly on the edge of Dorian’s bed and smiled ruefully. “That’s a lot of questions.”

“Yes. Are you going to answer them?”

“I’ll certainly try. I don’t like questions in general because I’m scared I’ll get the answer wrong. And … it feels like I’m being interrogated. I get enough of that at home. My mother always wants to know Sirius’ every move – like I’m supposed to know when she’s forbidden me to speak to him or be near him or so much as look at him,” Regulus scowled.

“Well, why do you hate being called Reg then?” Dorian prompted, quickly changing the subject. Regulus sighed deeply.

“I don’t know. It just … feels bad, when someone calls me that. It feels like … oh, I don’t know, I get this feeling like I almost remember something – something that was bad – but I can’t … I’m sorry …” Regulus paused for a moment, but not long enough for Dorian to reply. “And I never considered calling you Dor because … well, I like your name as it is. It sounds nice.”

Dorian snickered. Regulus blushed. “Stop it …”

“Sorry. Go on, mon cher.”

“All right, what was the next thing …? Oh, yes. I was looking for you before the Ball, but I couldn’t find you, then when I actually got to the Ball, Narcissa spotted me and told me you wouldn’t be coming, so I came back up to the Castle to see you.”


Regulus blinked. “Is it too much to believe that I just wanted to see you?”

“Yes,” Dorian answered bluntly. Regulus rolled his eyes.

“Look, I’d rather be here with you than outside in a pink nightmare. Actually, I’d rather be here with you than anywhere in this school, actually … I feel safe around you, Dorian. I feel like I can be me – I don’t have to be a Black or a Slytherin and I don’t have to hide … You treat me like I’m a person – you’re the only person down here to do that. And I’m sorry I’ve been such a jerk since last night, but I’ve never … nothing’s ever felt this right before, and it scares me.”

Regulus came to a stop. Dorian simply waited for him to start talking again.

“You have nightmares. I want to be able to make them go away. I want to make you believe that you’re worth something. I want … I want you – all of you.”

“All right, I admit I was wrong: you are crazy.”

“No I’m not!” Regulus laughed, then sighed. Dorian simply stared at him. After a moment, Regulus stood and crossed the room and sat down on Dorian’s knee, leaning his head down onto Dorian’s shoulder. Dorian wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and simply held him.

“To be honest, Dorian, I don’t know how I feel about you. Except that … I don’t want you to go away. Not ever. I want you, and I think I need you too …”

He tailed off into silence. Dorian started stroking his hair. He relaxed completely, closing his eyes and pressing his face into the crook of Dorian’s neck. Dorian sighed and snuggled him even closer.

“Dorian … I think …” Regulus stopped short.

“What do you think?” Dorian asked softly.

When Regulus replied, his voice was barely above a whisper. “I think I love you.”

Dorian’s hand stilled. Regulus opened his eyes and glanced up at him. Dorian still didn’t speak, or seem to react at all. He was staring blankly across the garden, his face totally vacant. Regulus swallowed hard, suddenly scared by Dorian’s dumbstruck expression that he’d said the wrong thing. “Dorian? Um … Dorian?”

Dorian blinked and slowly looked at Regulus. Their gazes locked, and a sense of incredible happiness flooded into Regulus; he was unable to hold back a grin, which Dorian returned. Uneasiness melting away under the blow-lamp of inexplicable happiness, he leant forwards and kissed Dorian quickly before resting his head back on his shoulder. Dorian sighed and hugged Regulus close.

After a few moments, Regulus nuzzled into Dorian’s neck. Dorian smiled and turned to look down at him. “What?”

He smiled again, and put a hand up to stroke Dorian’s cheek. Dorian pulled Regulus into a long kiss, stroking his tongue along Regulus’ bottom lip so that he parted his lips. Regulus moaned as Dorian’s tongue invaded his mouth, making his skin tingle. Dorian finally pulled back and looked down at Regulus, his eyes dark.

Regulus swallowed hard and blushed under Dorian’s gaze. However, he didn’t break eye-contact when he whispered, “Can we?”

“Can we what?”

Regulus’ blush darkened and Dorian smirked. “You know – can we?”

Dorian chuckled and kissed him fairly chastely before standing and picking Regulus up at the same time. Regulus squeaked in alarm and clung to Dorian’s neck. “Put me down!”

He grinned and carried Regulus over to the bed, where he dumped him on the covers. He sighed and shook his head as Dorian sat down on the edge of the bed and started taking his other boot off. Regulus sat up and took off his own shoes and socks, then lay back down and watched as Dorian pulled his t-shirt off and lay down beside him.

They were just leaning in to kiss again, when Fay twittered at them from her tree house. Dorian laughed and almost lazily reached up to pull the knurl that closed the wall between the bed and the garden.

Regulus grinned at him, pulling him close to kiss him. Dorian deepened the kiss, rolling Regulus under him and pushing his t-shirt up to touch his skin. Regulus wriggled beneath him, hands wandering over Dorian’s back.

Suddenly Dorian pulled back. Regulus pouted at him and Dorian chuckled. He tugged at Regulus’ t-shirt; Regulus took the hint and sat up to pull it off. Dorian got up onto his knees and moved behind Regulus while he still had the t-shirt over his head, then the moment it was off, he wrapped his arms around Regulus from behind. Regulus squeaked in surprise again then leant his head against Dorian chest, looking up at him.

“What are you doing?”

Dorian simply smiled and bent his head to kiss Regulus’ shoulder then bite him sharply. Regulus hissed, his hands balling into fists at his sides. “What’s with all the biting today?!”

Dorian pulled back, laughing, and attacked his neck, sucking and nipping until he had left a dark bruise. He pulled back and let Regulus touch the sore spot. He whined, “You’ve left a mark, haven’t you?”

Dorian grinned and pulled Regulus closer. He breathed, “Just so people know you’re mine.”

Regulus blushed and looked away. Dorian sighed and shifted so he was beside Regulus again then kissed his cheek. Regulus looked up at him nervously. Dorian smiled gently and pulled him into a kiss. Regulus whimpered as Dorian caught his lower lip between his teeth and tugged. After a moment, Dorian pulled back and pushed Regulus back onto the bed, then straddled his hips.

“Dorian –” Regulus protested, but was cut off by Dorian’s lips against his. He moaned as Dorian’s tongue slid into his mouth to coax his own into action. He pulled Dorian closer, his fingers tangling in his hair. Dorian growled and shifted position so their bodies were pressed together.

Suddenly, Dorian pushed his leg between Regulus’ and jerked his hips down. Regulus broke the kiss, his body arching into Dorian’s. “Ah! Oh, God –”

Dorian chuckled and licked over the bruise on Regulus’ neck. “You’re gorgeous when you’re like this.”

Regulus’ scarlet blush darkened, but before he could reply, Dorian’s mouth had moved to one of his nipples and was biting and sucking there. He moaned helplessly; Dorian’s gentle ministrations were turning his brain into a pile of gloop – and he didn’t care.

Doesn’t that worry you? the little voice asked, but Regulus ignored it; its protests were almost too faint to be heard, now, and besides, he wasn’t paying much attention to what his mind was saying – he was far too focused on what Dorian was doing to him.

Dorian’s lips found Regulus’ again and within seconds their tongues were twined together. Dorian rolled them both over onto their sides again and reached down to unfasten Regulus’ trousers. Regulus moaned as Dorian’s palm pressed against his erection through his trousers.

“Shh, it’s OK …” Dorian murmured against Regulus’ lips, before pushing Regulus’ trousers and boxers off and wrapping his hand around his cock. Regulus’ hips jerked upwards and he cried out helplessly. Dorian smirked. “Relax, angel …”

Regulus reached up and dragged Dorian down into a deep kiss, his left hand dropping to tug at Dorian’s jeans. Dorian pulled back and muttered, “Forward little thing tonight, aren’t you?”

Regulus blushed and bit his lip, but smiled and leant in to whisper, “You’ve been a bad influence on me.”

Dorian grinned and released Regulus’ cock. Regulus whined and pressed his body against Dorian’s, only to be pushed back. “Dorian!”

“Regulus! Impatient too, I see,” Dorian smirked again. “Do you want my clothes off or not?”

Regulus rolled onto his back, resting his hands on his stomach, his breathing heavy and his eyes dark. “Just hurry, please.”

Dorian laughed and started unfastening his jeans. Regulus watched him, absently allowing one of his hands to stray lower down his belly until his fingers brushed the base of his cock. He gasped, his eyes closing as he automatically started to stroke himself.

“Fuck, Regulus!”

Regulus allowed himself a small chuckle. “Sorry, Dorian, fucking me isn’t on the menu tonight.”

Dorian pressed his now naked body up against Regulus’ side and growled in his ear, “But I want you.”

Regulus his head turned to face Dorian and bit his lip. Dorian was staring at him with undisguised lust in his eyes. His hand sped up on his cock and he whimpered, knowing he was close but not wanting to come yet. Dorian pressed closer.

He rolled over quickly so he was facing Dorian and thrust his hips forwards. Dorian growled, grabbing a handful of Regulus’ hair and tugging his face up to kiss him. Regulus whimpered and Dorian’s grip on his hair slackened. Regulus pressed closer and Dorian’s hand snaked downwards to cover Regulus’ on his cock.

Regulus jerked backwards as though Dorian was suddenly red hot, breaking the kiss and letting go of his cock. Dorian chuckled and pulled him close again, murmuring, “Angel, it’s all right … it’s just me.”

Regulus closed his eyes as Dorian started stroking him agonisingly slowly. He buried his face in Dorian’s neck and whined, his fingers clutching at Dorian desperately. Dorian suddenly released him and tugged on his hips. Regulus gasped as Dorian’s cock rubbed against his own.

Dorian moaned softly as he wrapped his fingers around both erections and started stroking. Regulus nuzzled closer, letting one of his hands trail down over Dorian’s stomach. Then he put his hand over Dorian’s and forced him to speed up.

They both moaned and pressed closer. Dorian’s fingers tightened in Regulus’ hair again, and he tilted his head up to watch Dorian’s face as he came. Dorian glanced down and their eyes met for a fraction of a second. Regulus felt a tumult of emotions suddenly flood into him, breaking his concentration and his control and sending him over the edge.


When Regulus opened his eyes, he found Dorian leaning up on one elbow and smiling down at him with a faintly amused expression on his face. “Do you always black out when you come?”

Regulus blushed and looked away, muttering, “I don’t know …”

Dorian leant over and kissed Regulus’ forehead, then sat up. Regulus frowned and grabbed his arm. “Where d’you think you’re going?”

Dorian scowled. “Three words: pink hair dye.”

Regulus sat up too and touched Dorian’s arm. “Do you want me to come with you?”

Dorian shrugged as he pulled on his underwear and muttered something along the lines of, “You don’t have to …”

Regulus smile and leant over to kiss Dorian’s cheek. “OK, then. I’ll just go get dressed. Don’t go without me.”

Dorian smiled as Regulus grabbed his boxers and pulled them on before sliding out between the hanging and leaving Dorian alone.


A/N: Well, that had to be the hardest thing to write ever. Ugh, I hate it. Well, I like bits of it. I've been so uninspired lately ... I hope I answered all the questions. O.o I can't even remember what I said. LOL. Anway, hope you enjoyed. ^^
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