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Bellatrix / Severus - Heavy Metal *coughs*

Characters: Bellatrix Black - Severus Snape
Rating: oh-so NC-17, with a blowjob, slight bloodplay and sex
Time span: The morning of Sunday
Word count: *coughs* embarassingly its only 1055 words - my apologies. And its (almost!) PWP, but theres a detail which I will continue to use in later posts.

Summary: Bella and Sev have a pleasurable morning, during which she discovers Severus' braces.

Bellatrix woke up when she felt something tickle in the nape of her neck. Groaning, she rolled onto her back and tried to brush that tickling thing away with a sleepy gesture of her hand, but the tickling continued from her neck upwards to her cheek, and when it reached her nose she snapped her eyes open and grabbed Severus’ hand, growling in sleepy annoyance.

That growl however morphed into a happy little sigh when he pressed his lips upon hers and greeted her with a soft morning kiss, tasting slightly stale, but neither of them minded that. They’d shared more body fluids than saliva the last night.

When Bella drew back from their kiss in need of air, Severus rolled on top of her naked body, placing his head on her breasts, listening to her heartbeat and watching the soft rise- and fall of her tits with every intake of breath. Bella brought her hand up to rub the sleep out of her makeup-smeared eyes, then gently stroke the raven mop of sleep-tousled hair. They remained in this position for a long time, not aware of the time that passed, each of them drawn up in their own thoughts. Bella started to hum quietly.

The weight and warmth of Severus’ body, combined with the stickiness of her skin from yesterday’s activities, finally became uncomfortable, and Bella gently pushed him off again, immediately snuggling into his embrace while lying on her side. When she tilted her head up to kiss him again however, she noticed something about his mouth had changed.

“Whats that?” She asked curiously, reaching up to pull his lips off his teeth. He batted her hands away and cursed silently.
“Bugger! Those charms never last long enough!” Severus was just about to reach for his wand, when she grabbed his arms and rolled on top of him, pinning him to the bed beneath her while holding his hands over his head.

“You’ve got metal in your mouth!!” she said in surprise. “What for? And how come I never noticed?”

He blushed a deep shade of crimson and tried to wriggle out from underneath her or push her away, but she didn’t budge. Finally, he sighed, and bared his teeth for her to see the narrow silver band that ran over his upper teeth. “Its a Muggle thing – they use it to correct your teeth. You know my Mum’s a witch, but my Dad’s a Muggle… He wouldn’t allow correction charms. You know when Potter and his cronies hexed me on the train back to London last year? They charmed my teeth askew… it never wore off. Its almost okay again now, though.
They are called braces and I’ve had them since last summer. Usually noone is supposed to see them.. I use several charms to hide them. The charms never last longer than 2 days, and I used to refresh them every day. It seems that lately I’ve been a bit… distracted and forgot. Just let me get my wand and you will never see them again.”

She tightened her grip on his hands and chuckled slightly, examining the braces curiously. “How come I never felt them? My tongue was down your throat several times – surely if you make them disappear completely they won’t correct your teeth?” He smirked at that, and narrowed his eyes mischievously. “Well, Miss Black, I have many secret talents, and it seems that this is just one of them.”

He moved his hips slightly, and naked and straddling him as she was, Bella felt the tip of his erection brushing her bottom, sending sparks of arousal up and down her spine.

“Why, Mr. Snape, if you have so many secret talents, I wouldn’t mind discovering at least a few of them today…” she got op on her knees and crawled backwards slowly, until the tip of his already leaking cock brushed her chin. “And maybe you’ll find out that I have quite a few useful talents myself..” she gave the tip of his erection a teasing lick with her velvety tongue. The noise he made reminded her strongly of a strangled kitten, and she grinned when she opened her mouth to take the head of his cock into her mouth, covering her teeth with her lips and working her tongue in slow swirls around the slit, tasting salty precome. His hips started jerking when she started to fondle his balls, grazing the sensitive skin carefully with her long black fingernails, painful scratch, then apology with a tender lick or a gentle suck of her mouth on his cock. Bella enjoyed watching his face while she continued that almost-torture, contracting in pain and pleasure and need and desperation because it was almost too much stimulation, but all the same not nearly enough to make him come.

Her free hand sneaked down her own body and between her legs, where she started to play with her already wet pussy. She almost lost herself in her own pleasure, until a pained squeak from her lover drew her attention back to her fingernails, which had dug into his flesh and left four scarlet red scratches on his lower abdomen that even started to bleed a bit. She released his cock from her mouth and brought both hands up to brace herself, then leant forward and licked the blood away. He gasped in surprise and then weaved his hands through her hair, holding her head in place, enjoying the tingle and slight burn of her tongue on the small wounds. He gently pulled her up by her hair, and rolled them over, so that he was topping her now. His weeping cock pressed hard against her thigh, and she parted her legs and linked them behind his arse, pushing him up a bit.
“you know,” she said, starting to suck on his neck, “those braces are a real turn on.”
He grinned, and she used his parted lips to plunge her tongue back into his mouth to explore the metal band. She tightened the grip of her legs and finally he slid his cock into her warm, wet and wanton hole. She moaned and instantly started rocking her hips up and down.

“I start to wonder what on this earth is not a turn on for you.” He choked out before he lost the ability to speak coherently.

Half an hour later, Severus’ disguising charms for the braces back in place and fully clothed and showered, the Slytherin pair left the bedroom without even noticing the note to feed the Puffskein from Narcissa.

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