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Remus Lupin: First Time ...

(A/N: WARNING: PORN NC-17 scene under the cut! Woo, mutual wanking. This was damn hard to write. But we (finally) have another Gryffindor post! Yays! Also: The title is crap. But it tells you what happens ... Oh, and one more thing: I actually like this post. O.o Be amazed.)

Sirius smiled happily at him with a rather stupid, but cute and lovingly looking, spark in his eyes. “No wonder I love this guy more than anything else!”

Remus blushed. “Padfoot … don’t …”

Sirius slung an arm around his shoulders and pulled him close. “Why not?”

Because! Sirius, stop it …”

Sirius pouted, but stopped nuzzling into Remus’ hair. James grinned. “So, when do we start on the Grand Plan to Cause Travers Pain?”

Peter held up a hand. “Excuse me? Can we just not do it tonight, please? Can we just take one night off to enjoy ourselves?”

Remus smiled. “I’m with Peter – I just want to enjoy tonight. We can sort everything out tomorrow, since I can almost guarantee that Travers will wait until the last minute to dye his hair.”

James sighed theatrically. “Fine, don’t try to distract me from the fact that Lily doesn’t love me!”

Sirius laughed. “James, stop being melodramatic and go ask her to dance! Come on, just try to look dashing and – seriously, this is important – don’t even think about feeling her up and maybe she’ll say yes –”

Sirius, I have never tried to feel Lily up!” James said indignantly.

Peter raised an eyebrow. “Yes you have. There was that time in Potions when Slughorn gave you detention –”

“And in the Library all those times,” Remus interjected.

“Oh, and when we were on the train …” Sirius grinned. James scowled at them all.

“Sometimes, I really, really hate you,” James growled.

Sirius snorted. “Yeah, right. No one hates me. Well, except for the Slytherins, but they hate everyone, even each other. Everyone else loves me.”

“Whatever you say, Padfoot. I’m going to steal Lily away from God – he’s not good enough for her, you know –”

Peter burst out laughing. “God isn’t good enough for her? But you are? Prongs, that is just so funny!”

James threw him a dirty look and left the tent. Peter crawled out after him still giggling, presumably to watch the ensuing Lily-James-encounter. Sirius watched him go, then turned back to Remus.

“Can you believe Travers –”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Remus murmured. Sirius shut up. Remus leant his head onto Sirius’ shoulder and sighed. Sirius kissed the top of Remus’ head.

“Do you want to go back up to the castle?”

Remus shrugged. “If you like. Do you think James and Peter will be out here a lot longer?”

“Probably … knowing James, he’ll follow Lily like a lost puppy until she leaves and Peter’ll stay for entertainment value – after all, seeing Lily turn dragon on James is pretty funny … and you know how girls are – they always want to stay at things like this for as long as possible …”

Remus laughed. “Well, then, Padfoot, why don’t we go back to the dorm … we might get some real privacy there – we can lock the door …”

Sirius smiled. “Let’s go.”

They wandered back up to the castle slowly. Once they were out of sight of the crowd in the darkness, Sirius stepped closer to Remus and took his hand. Remus turned and smiled at Sirius, squeezing his hand.

They arrived back at the almost-deserted Common Room a few minutes later and hurried upstairs after apologising to a couple of seventh-years who were making out in front of the fire. Once in the dormitory, Sirius accio-ed a piece of parchment and a quill to him and scrawled, ‘Open this door, James (or Peter), and you will very probably be traumatized for the rest of your life. Fortunately, your life will be very short if you open the door.’ Then he stuck it to the door with a quick spell and locked the door.

Remus swallowed hard as Sirius turned to look at him. He blushed under Sirius’ gaze and wondered why – Sirius had never made him feel like this before, not even in the tent, why now? Sirius took a couple of steps towards him, then stopped, nervously twirling a lock of hair around one of his fingers. Remus chuckled suddenly. “This is ridiculous.”

Sirius grinned. “It is, isn’t it?”

Remus crossed the distance between them and kissed Sirius quickly before dragging him over to his bed and sitting down on the edge. Sirius grinned. “Scoot over.”

Remus swung his legs up onto the bed and moved so there was room for Sirius beside him. Sirius lay down and pulled the hangings closed. Remus smiled across at him. “Well …”

“Yeah …”

They moved at the same time, both rolling to face each other and leaning forwards to kiss. Their teeth crashed and they pulled back. Remus laughed nervously. “Ow …”

“Sorry …”

“It’s OK,” Remus murmured, pressing a kiss to Sirius’ lips. Sirius gently put an arm around Remus’ waist and pulled him close. Remus opened his mouth to allow Sirius access. He stroked his tongue along Remus’ bottom lip. Remus pulled back, gasping.

“Oh, God …” Remus breathed. Sirius smiled and pressed wet kisses to his neck. Remus tilted his head back to give Sirius more access, whimpering in pleasure as Sirius rolled half on top of him. Sirius brought one hand up to tug at Remus’ collar, pulling it apart to reach more skin.

Remus whined when Sirius pulled back, frowning. “Sirius!”

“It’s all right, Moony … buttons …” Sirius muttered, trying to unbutton the shirt. Remus batted his hands away and simply untucked it from his trousers and pulled it up over his head.


Sirius grinned and pressed his lips to Remus’ again. Remus moaned into his mouth as Sirius fingers teased patterns over his chest. He shoved Sirius’ shirt up to run his hands over Sirius’ back. Sirius shivered.

They separated after a few seconds while Sirius yanked off his shirt, then pressed close again, lips locked together, tongues dancing. Remus broke the kiss first, quickly rolling to reverse their positions, then grabbed a handful of Sirius’ hair and tugged him back, running his tongue over Sirius’ lip then biting it roughly. Sirius whimpered. “Want you, Remus … want you touching me …”

Remus smiled and ducked his head to tease one of Sirius’ nipples with his teeth and tongue. Sirius moaned, one hand tangling in Remus’ hair while the other went to the fastenings of his trousers. Remus chuckled against his skin and reached down to help.

Sirius gasped as Remus slid his hand inside and touched his cock, stroking over it, then wrapping his hand around and squeezing. Sirius moaned and pulled Remus over to him, burying his face in his chest. He was already close, so close …

Remus looked down at Sirius and whispered his name and when he looked up, he crushed their lips together in a rough kiss. He shoved his tongue into Sirius’ mouth and speeded up the hand on his cock. Sirius whimpered, then moaned as Remus rubbed his thumb over the tip. Sirius’ hands tightened against Remus’ skin and Remus felt Sirius’ whole body shudder as he came.

Remus released his cock and looked down at his sticky hand. Sirius leant his head onto Remus’ shoulder. His heart was pounding and he was blushing and he didn’t want Remus to look at him. He pushed off his wet trousers as he muttered, “Sorry.”

Remus smiled and kissed his hair. “It’s all right.”

Sirius looked up, still blushing, to see that Remus’ cheeks were also tinged with pink. It was good to know he wasn’t the only one embarrassed about this. Remus brought his hand up and gingerly licked at Sirius’ come, and Sirius’ eyes widened in surprise. “Moony –”

Remus’ lips twitched into a half smile before he sucked a finger into his mouth. Sirius’ blush darkened. Remus wiped his hand on the covers and then leant forward to kiss Sirius again. Sirius allowed himself to be rolled onto his back with Remus straddling his stomach. Remus pulled back. “Let me get my trousers off …”

Sirius watched as Remus knelt up over his stomach and unfastened his trousers. He pushed his hand inside and gasped as he touched himself. He pushed the cloth down over his hips and pulled out his cock, stroking it languidly. Remus tilted his head back, exposing his throat, and closed his eyes. Sirius watched, eyes wide and dark, as Remus touched himself, using slow, gentle strokes that must have been torture. He felt his cock twitch with renewed interest.

Sirius swallowed hard and reached out to touch Remus’ cock. Remus snarled at him and batted his hand away. Sirius frowned. “Let me –”

Remus looked down at him. His face was flushed scarlet, and there was apprehension mixed with the lust in his eyes. Sirius thought he looked beautiful. Remus growled, “No. I’ll come.”

“That’s the point, you great wanker.”

Remus laughed, tipping his head back against to stare at the canopy, trying to compose himself. Sirius wriggled until Remus wasn’t trapping him any more and then sat up carefully. He reached one hand around the back of Remus’ neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Their open mouths met and Remus moaned as their tongues curled together.

Sirius used Remus distraction to reach down and put his hand over Remus’ on his cock, tightening Remus’ fingers and forcing him to speed up. Remus pulled back. “No, Sirius, I’ll –”

Sirius stared back at Remus levelly. His voice came out husky with lust. “Want you to …”

Sirius felt Remus give in and relax the control he had over his body. Remus let go of his cock and let Sirius take over. Sirius immediately started a rhythm that made Remus moan and gasp and cling to him, pressing sloppy kisses to his shoulder and neck. Sirius smirked and tightened his hand at the tip and Remus was coming, wet heat spreading between them.

Sirius let himself fall back onto the pillows, pulling Remus with him. Remus rested his head on Sirius’ shoulder, panting heavily. Sirius murmured, “Good?”

Remus opened his eyes and smiled. “Mm …”

Sirius grinned. “Good.”

Remus kicked off his clothes, leaving them both naked, and snuggled closer, pressing his body against Sirius’, sliding one hand over his chest to hold him. Sirius relaxed and closed his eyes. Remus leant up on his elbow for a moment to press a lingering kiss to Sirius’ lips. He was about to move back when Sirius deepened the kiss, licking his bottom lip and pushing his tongue into his mouth. Remus hummed into his mouth. They eventually pulled back, both of them panting, and Remus smiled. “G’night, Padfoot.”

“Goodnight, Moony …” Sirius smiled. He paused, staring at the canopy. He turned to look at Remus. “Remus? I love you.”

Remus smiled and kissed his shoulder. “Love you too, Sirius. Now sleep.”

Sirius grinned at the darkness and closed his eyes.


(A/N: Bwah, PR0n! Was that good enough? I was asked for puppyfluff ... I kinda gave that, didn't I? I tried to make it as awkward-first-time-y as I could, but ... well ... hmm, didn't really work. Well, it did, but it didn't. I have no idea what I'm saying. Onward!
I really do love James. I really do. (Nah, I just love getting at him. For example: hitting him whenever he messes up his hair/accusing him of groping Lily etc) Oh, yes, I do. And I love Peter, too. Peter is fun and easy to write. Bwah, James doesn't like being laughed at. XD
I have a voyeur!Remus kink. I do, I admit it. So I wanted Remus to be watching while Sirius wanked, but that would have meant changing a great chunk of stuff (because it came to me at the last second) so ... instead, you got this. Anyone who wants to make Remus a voyeur in future posts - feel free! :D
Sorry for the long note! I'll stop spamming now ...)

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