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Marauders Simulated

We Solemnly Swear we are up to no good ...

1/11/06 08:05 pm - b_c_draygon - Remus Lupin: An Argument

“Just stop both of you!” Remus stepped in, before James had a chance to counter. “It’s late, just let’s all get some sleep, shall we?”

Yeah,” Sirius spat viciously. “Let’s all do what Mssr Moony says!”

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Summary: The marauders have an argument, and afterwards Remus goes to apologise to Sirius.


1/2/06 11:41 pm - b_c_draygon - Regulus Black: Confrontations

Author's Note: Yes, it sucks. But I enjoyed writing it. You can decide for yourself why Snape is so angry and psycotic. Also: I don't want this community to be dead! I will mourn it if it dies ... And I'm working on the Marauders. I am.

All he managed was to open the door to one of those small rooms, again the one he had been in with Dorian just a few days ago, while the piano already sounded and stopped as his cousin’s clear voice joined in.

Once they finished the song, Regulus closed the door as softly as he had opened it so as not to disturb them, and leant his forehead against the dark wood.

'Black!'Collapse )

Summary: Snape confronts Regulus about the mess on his bedside table outside the music room,and Regulus gets rescued from the situation by Dorian and Narcissa.
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9/29/05 06:47 pm - b_c_draygon - Regulus Black: Answering Questions

Summary: Regulus answers a few questions, and makes an admission.
Warning: NC-17 smuttage under the cut. It's not good, but there you go.

“You don’t like questions. And heck, I tried my best not to ask any… Well at least not if I wanted an answer. But here you go as I have several: Why don’t you like questions? Why do you hate being called Reg? Why haven’t you even considered of calling me Dor? What made you come in here last night? What do you really think of me? Why do you, apparently, want to have me around? Can you at all accept something without looking for a second intention? What is it you feel for me, Regulus?”

Regulus sat down slowly on the edge of Dorian’s bed and smiled ruefully. “That’s a lot of questions.”

'Yes. Are you going to answer them?'Collapse )

A/N: Well, that had to be the hardest thing to write ever. Ugh, I hate it. Well, I like bits of it. I've been so uninspired lately ... I hope I answered all the questions. O.o I can't even remember what I said. LOL. Anway, hope you enjoyed. ^^
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9/19/05 01:28 pm - b_c_draygon - Regulus Black -

(A/N: I don't like this post. At all. But I wanted to just post something, becuase I really don't know what else to write ... it's stupid and I hate the beginning but there you go. Also: I am ill. If it makes no sense, that is the excuse.)


“Do you understand now, Regulus?” Narcissa only whispered, soundless tears falling from her eyes. “Do you finally understand how Dorian sees himself and the world?”

Regulus’ eyes narrowed. “No.”

Narcissa’s mouth dropped open ...Collapse )

Summary; Regulus leaves Narcissa after the argument and heads for the library. He only comes out when it is time for dnner, but when he starts thinking about that morning again, he suddenly isn't hungry any more. He retreats to the dormitory, where he finds Spider and gets bitten. Dorian appears and they talk. Then Narcissa appears and has a chat with Dorian, while Regulus talks to Spider and gets bitten again. Dorian stops Regulus from killing Spider and Spider gets ink all over Snape's stuff.

(A/N: Yes, the summary sucks almost as much as teh post itself. I hope I tagged this right ...)
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9/18/05 07:32 pm - woelfin_akhuna - Bellatrix / Severus - Heavy Metal *coughs*

Characters: Bellatrix Black - Severus Snape
Rating: oh-so NC-17, with a blowjob, slight bloodplay and sex
Time span: The morning of Sunday
Word count: *coughs* embarassingly its only 1055 words - my apologies. And its (almost!) PWP, but theres a detail which I will continue to use in later posts.

Summary: Bella and Sev have a pleasurable morning, during which she discovers Severus' braces.

on to the smutCollapse )
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9/13/05 09:23 pm - woelfin_akhuna - Narcissa post

Character: Narcissa
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Romance
Author/s: woelfin_akhuna & kynny

Narcissa had tried to go back to sleep.Collapse )
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9/11/05 05:14 pm - b_c_draygon - Remus Lupin: First Time ...

(A/N: WARNING: PORN NC-17 scene under the cut! Woo, mutual wanking. This was damn hard to write. But we (finally) have another Gryffindor post! Yays! Also: The title is crap. But it tells you what happens ... Oh, and one more thing: I actually like this post. O.o Be amazed.)

Sirius smiled happily at him with a rather stupid, but cute and lovingly looking, spark in his eyes. “No wonder I love this guy more than anything else!”

Remus blushed ...Collapse )
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9/6/05 10:01 pm - b_c_draygon - Regulus Black: Post-Spring-Ball

(A/N: I beat writers' block (thanks to kynny) with this. Yays! It's not my best work ever, but I kinda like it ... It's also kinda short-ish ... sorry! Also - sorry for la crappy title ...)

[There was] a definite gentle touch to the deep voice as Travers cut Regulus off. “Just don’t talk to me for the next five minutes, Regulus.”

Regulus sighed and followed Dorian back up to the castle in silence. They didn’t speak again until they were back in the deserted dormitory. Once the door was closed, Regulus said, “Dorian, I know you’re not happy about me asking Sirius and his friends to keep Lucious off everyone’s back but –”

“You didn’t have to make it look like you had me under your thumb, Regulus!”Collapse )

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8/27/05 05:40 pm - woelfin_akhuna - Bellarix, Severus - Spring Ball

I MADE IT! Can you believe it...

Took me long enough, and I hereby apologize for taking so much time... Julia, Alice - I hope this will revive the RPG a bit.

dancing, a letter, Bella with motherly feelings *cough*Collapse )
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7/28/05 08:17 pm - b_c_draygon - Moderator

Thanks, everyone, for the great responses. Having read your comments (several times over) I've come to a descision - I'm not going to pimp us out.

Cat (as far as I know) Isn't leaving (?) just yet, but I know how stressed things are in RL for her right now, so ... I'll totally understand if she wants to leave/be less active/whatever.

It's a good point that out-of-character conflicts happen all too much because of too many people, so ... keeping it with 'just us' will (hopefully) stop that.

About the summaries - if you want, Julia, I'll take over that (since I'm the mod and I should probably get off my fat arse and do something mod-ish) if you want. Just send me what you've got so far, and I'll sort the rest. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job, I just feel bad - like I'm shoving off a load of work on you ...

Since I think I've rambled enough now ...

Thanks again.
~The Mod
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